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  • Slab Carrier 3700

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    Slab Carrier (Pendulum Prime Mover Construction) 3700

    • Prime mover with power shift transmission
    • Remote diagnosis
    • Mudguard for trailing unit
    • Wet multi-disc brakes for trailing unit
    • Automatic fire extinguishing system
    • Canopy with lamellar window for the driver′s cabin
    • Low-temperature package for cold climates
    • Extension package: automatic central lubrication unit
    • Heavy-duty air-conditioning system
    • Diesel-powered auxiliary heating
    • Over-pressure filter system for the driver′s cabin
    • Radio with CD player
    • Main headlights in LED technology
    • Additional cameras
    • Worldwide, steel and copper industries
    • Direct slab handling without pallets
    • Slabs can also be set down on uneven storage areas
    • High stacking possibility
    • Simple prime mover power shift transmission technology
    • Double operating panel in the driver′s cabin
    • Access steps
    • Inclined prime mover for optimal overview
    • Ergonomically-designed driver's workplace
    • Closed prime mover cover
    • Electronics-independent emergency operation
    • Heating easily accessible under the driver's seat
    • All main functions are operated via a joystick
    • Refuelling on side of prime mover
    • Engine hood with maintenance flaps
    • Display provides information on all vehicle activities and conditions
    • Weighing device in standard scope of delivery